ICL Fysio - Vacature Bekkenfysiotherapeut

 ICL Fysio is looking for reinforcement. We are looking for a pelvic physiotherapist (io) who wants to work in a multidisciplinary team.

The pelvic physiotherapists who work at ICL Fysio are names who are known in the international world of urology and pelvic physiotherapy and who have contributed to the drawing up of the guidelines. This ensures that you can hitch a ride on the broad knowledge that is available in practice and that you can gain a lot of experience.

ICL Fysio are physiotherapy practices and work together with ICL Arbeid, which is active in the field of work and health. We have offices in Maastricht, Heerlen and Eijsden. You can be deployed at all locations. Pelvic physiotherapy is an important specialization in our practice. In addition to men and women with simple to complex complaints, many pregnant women also know where to find our practice.

Do you feel attracted to this vacancy or do you know someone who is suitable for this? Contact us at  c.berghmans@iclimburg.nl  or 0646366353.


  • Pelvic physiotherapist (io)
  • BIG and CKR registered
  • Flexible, representative, team player and expert
  • Able to work independently and expand your customer base

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