Corona Maatregelen ICL Arbeid


As a result of the notification of March 15, 2020, we are forced to take a number of measures to guarantee your and our safety. We base this partly on the guidelines published by the government: 

1. From March 16 to April 6, no group lessons will take place at ICL Arbeid and ICL Fysio. This means that the PhysioVital, the Occupational Rehabilitation, the exercise groups and the Early Intervention groups will not take place. These group lessons will be made up for at a later date. Individual sessions will be scheduled for patients for whom passage is required. A maximum of two patients will be in the same room at an appropriate distance. For this, our professionals will contact you by telephone.

2. The reintegration coaches, the occupational expert and the psychosocial trainers will largely handle the conversations by telephone, unless there is no other option. For this, they will contact you at the scheduled time via your mobile number. It is possible that our numbers are protected for this. This way we limit the number of people at our office and avoid traveling to other locations

3. Physiotherapeutic treatments can take place at all our locations. These are one-on-one treatments, where you come alone, where partners-children are not welcome until further notice.

We use stricter hygiene measures 

• In case of a fever (> 38 degrees), a cold or coughing / sneezing, we ask you not to come to the practice and to reschedule your appointment.

• We do not shake hands.

• Wij vragen iedereen bij binnenkomst de handen te wassen op de toiletten die op onze locaties aanwezig zijn. Hier staat desinfecterende zeep en hangen papieren handdoekjes waarvan u gebruik kunt maken. De deuren van de toiletten staan open om contact met deurklinken te voorkomen.

• Wij verzoeken patiënten bij iedere behandeling een schone handdoek mee te nemen en deze te wassen na de behandeling. De behandelbanken worden door ons na iedere behandeling schoon gemaakt.

• Be on time. Not too late and not too early. In this way you can go directly to the treatment room with the physiotherapist. Every physiotherapist uses his own space. This prevents people from having to sit together in the waiting room. If necessary, we ask you to wait as widely as possible. For this we use our waiting room, the changing rooms and the training room.

• Our physiotherapists wash their hands thoroughly after each treatment and will not be used if they show any complaints.

If you want to cancel your appointment, you can do this for ICL labor via 043-3030040 or for ICL Fysio via 043-3473555. Our secretaries will be happy to help you.

The above is in accordance with the guidelines of the professional association KNGF (Royal Dutch Society of Physiotherapy). With our practice, we follow the advice of the KNGF regarding opening of the practice and will inform you if changes take place. We have been asked to continue to provide necessary physiotherapeutic care. To stand shoulder to shoulder with GPs and medics. As a primary point of contact for posture and movement-related care, so that GPs and hospitals are not burdened even more. Consider, for example, the fall trauma of the elderly, the maintenance of crucial professional groups, fundamental complaints to the posture and musculoskeletal system and ensuring that people can stay at home longer to relieve hospitals.

At-risk patients will be moved to April, we will remain open for necessary care.

Team ICL Arbeid and ICL Fysio

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