Fit 4 work kandidaat aan het woord

Ms PS completed a Fit 4 work program at Integrated Care Limburg from September 2019 to March 2020. In this process we supported Ms PS on her way back to the labor market. Through our characteristic multidisciplinary approach, she was intensively guided by our colleagues Tom Hameleers (physiotherapy trainer) and Gaston Pijls (work expert - consultant Track 2) in building up physical resilience and gaining insight into realistic employment opportunities. We recently received the following response from Ms PS about her experiences at Integrated Care Limburg. 

It was a pleasant experience for me. You helped me on my way and gave me a future again. Something beautiful came out for me. My future prospects are there again, not right now as I would like, but it is there. You helped me with this and gave me this insight. Now focus on full recovery. You and your team have started with me. Thank you ICL!

Mrs. PS - Maastricht

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